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Swipe to navigate in Firefox on a MacBook


Being used to the 3-finger-swipe functionality to navigate within Safari and other Apple applications I wanted Firefox to behave the same way. Safari is really a great browser but not used by many users. To test my websites in terms of design and functionality I use Firefox and IE as well.

Unfortunately the Trackpad gestures are not working with these browsers. After some research in Google I finally came across a great piece of software:


MultiClutch brings you the MultiTouch gestures to any application and lets you control the action behind every gesture. It embeds within the System Preferences Panel and is really simple to use.

Here is an example configuration for Firefox to use Swipe for back and forward history navigation:


My First MacBook Pro


A few weeks ago I bought my very first Apple MacBook Pro. I wonder why I didn’t switch already years ago. I’m using PCs since almost 15 years so far, so it was a hard decision for me to switch to a completely different system. After all it wasn’t that bad. I have to admit that I always thought on a Mac I couldn’t use a lot of my favorite software I was used to. I was amazed finding out that most of the software was available on Mac too. And if it wasn’t there was always another program that was doing exactly the same. In most cases even better.

Back then when I was using Windows laptops I couldn’t get used to the trackpads. I always connected a mouse. One of my first concerns about the new MacBook was that I would need to use a mouse too. But the difference between normal laptops and the MacBook is huge. I am falling for the nice Multi-Touch Trackpad. Everything is so simple and you don’t need a mouse at all.

Another great things about Mac OS X are the stability, speed, fun factor, …