How to access your Windows 7 printer from Mac OS X

Adding a windows printer to your mac can get a frustrating job. There are various solutions for that task (e.g. workgroup settings) but today I’d like to show you the easiest way – the LPD way.

Before you follow these instructions, make sure you have shared your printer.
Important: The share name has to be one word (no spaces allowed).

Windows 7 Setup

  1. Go to Windows 7 Control Panel
  2. Select “Programs and Features” pane
  3. Click “Turn Windows Features on or off”
  4. Turn on the LPD protocol.
  5. And of course you need to ensure your printer is shared

Mac Setup

  1. Go to System Preferences/Print & Fax
  2. Hold down the “Option” key and click the “More Printers” button
  3. From the top menu choose “Advanced”
  4. Set the “Device:” field to “LPD/LPR Host or Printer”
  5. In the “Device URL:” enter: lpd://windows7_name/printer_share
  6. Choose the right printer driver
  7. And finally hit the “Add” button

So if your Windows 7 machine is called “MyPC” and your printer network share is called “myprinter” you should have the following Device URL:

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